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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bibliophile Or...?

How many books are on your current "to read" list? Which people most influence what goes on that list? What is the percentage of fiction vs. non-fiction?

For a bookworm like me these are not idle questions. The first year after I stopped working full time the number of books on my list went down - that was a first. Unfortunately, the trend has not continued. Because I'm now reading more than ever, I'm continually discovering new authors - many of them are really good. And the five women that most influence my choices are a dependable crew.

So, I've got the significant back catalog of all these new authors and my crew - enough to keep me busy but not enough to make my list scary. However, here come the goals:
* Read a non-fiction book alongside every novel.
* Read at least two "classics" each year, written before my birth and by authors I've never read.
* Keep up with the books selected by my multiple book clubs, including one I no longer attend meetings for. But, the moderator of that club happens to be the newest member of my crew.

I'll leave it up to you to decide if I've crossed a line from bibliophile to something less flattering. I've got a book waiting for me.


  1. As an avid reader, but a mother of five young children, I have had to modify my reading goals. I envy your list of goals, and know that someday, I will return to loftier ambitions. For now, I read one fiction book, followed by an educational/informative book related to my professional field of teaching/parenting training. And during those times when I most need to escape, I readily forgive myself for diving directly from one fiction book into another. Sometimes you just have to set the goals aside and survive as best you can!

    1. Anonymous; Thanks for your comment. Five young children and working as a teacher? It's a wonder you can make time to read at all. Forget about "envying" any silly goals of mine - you're doing more important stuff. Maybe (?) you'll volunteer a favorite book sometime? At minimum I'd be interested, and perhaps my legions (!!) would be as well.

  2. A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving holds three titles for me: favorite book, favorite author, and favorite character. Often, however, I am drawn to much less sophisticated reading; the Stephen Kings and such of the scribers' world. Not something I'm proud of, just the facts.

    By the way, I don't mean to be mysterious with the "anonymous", I just don't have any of the accounts listed and have yet to take the time to make one. This is Rebecca's mom, Donna. Until I make an account for a proper profile, I'll sign off with "d" when I reply so you know who it is :) I've responded to a few of your posts, and each time I've appreciated your reply.

    Your words and thoughts are a gift!

    1. d; What a delight to know who you are and that you're reading my blog. How did you know about it? Did I mention it? I don't remember doing so but the old memory isn't as good as it used to be. When I next see you I'd like to exchange e-mails so we don't have to communicate this way, although I'd love to continue seeing your comments. And, at one time John Irving was among my favorite authors; I also love "A Prayer For Owen Meany"; my favorite Irving book is "Cider House Rules". After we exchange e-mails, if you don't mind, I'll send you an old post (from 2011) I wrote about Irving. Thanks so much for "revealing yourself" to me, though I must admit I was enjoying the anonymous part also; your comments (or at least the ones I think have been "you") are intelligent and affirming, and it was fun thinking someone who didn't know me had stumbled onto and enjoyed my blog. But in the end, I'm happier knowing it's you and not at all surprised.

    2. Ha! Don't worry, your memory is not as bad as you fear. Rebecca was wondering if we would find a video online of you and your daughter performing after you mentioned your daughter's talents a while ago. I stumbled over your blog at that time. I figured finding out the identity of the anonymous reader would be somewhat disappointing, but after responding to your post on authenticity, remaining anonymous seemed hypocritical, if not creepy:) will send the e-mail with Rebecca and look forward to the Irving post. Thank you! d.