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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pat At Bat - You On Deck

How many of us are satisfied if one out of every three decisions we make turn out well and the other two are duds? What if one of every three of our relationships is a winner and the others go nowhere? If we start three projects and only one gets successfully completed, what goes through our heads?

If a baseball player bats .333 over a lifetime he gets into the Hall of Fame. So how come up til now going one for three has not felt so good? I've decided using the Hall of Fame guideline will help make some of my expectations more realistic. Effective immediately, I'm headed for the Hall of Fame when...

* One of every three blog posts gets a reaction of any kind (online or off) from anyone.
* I surmount the technical challenges presented by one out of every three new songs learned on guitar.
* I talk myself out of losing my patience or my temper one out of every three times.

Please join me in the exercise by sharing a few of your ideas; Cooperstown beckons.


  1. Ratio is context dependent. If one out of three notes sounds good, not good enough.

    In tennis if one out of three returns clears the net, not good enough.

    In capital punishment if one out of three executions by lethal injection comes off well, not good enough.

    From a woman's point of view in sex one out of three climaxes, not good enough.

    From a man's point of view 1/100 penetrations per pickup line might qualify for the olympics.

  2. My latest New Year's resolution was - "don't be so hard on yourself." My man Michael Jordan said - I fail again and again, and that is why I succeed. The statistics don't matter - the learning does.

    val :)

    1. Val; Thanks for the comment and the "Jordan wisdom". Look forward to hearing more from you.