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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Song Is You (Reprise)

Music, you are everything - every little thing. I'm alive, I'm still here because time after time through the years you make me feel brand new.

The two of us - laughing, crying - walking on sunshine, walking in the rain. It might as well be spring, everyday. Summer wind, autumn leaves, winterwood - you and I- yesterday, today, tomorrow.

Maybe, if time is on my side, I will survive one hundred years. The last song in my life? I love you, I want you, I remember you.


*A year ago today my sister responded to the spirit of my original post (above), writing me an e-mail using song titles without a single filler word. Would love it if someone else gave it a try, online or off.* 


  1. Dear Prudence,
    Interstate love song, ain’t it fun. Wild horses, when the levee breaks, smoke stack lighting, why don’t we do it in the road. Take me to the river, get up off’a that thang, a quarter to three.

    1. Anonymous; This is clearly a case where I wish I knew who you were. Because if you're someone I don't know, I want to remedy that. And if you're someone I do know, when next we interact, I want to either … a.) shake your hand or … b.) give you a kiss. My choice would end being a. or b. depending on your gender, straight man that I am. Although come to think of it, shaking a woman's hand is clearly a viable option c. Kissing a man? Not in my future.