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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Still Blogging Away The Blues

Over three years during which the blues have been more a passenger than a driver. I cannot recall any period of comparable length during my adult life when this has been so. I've got more energy, feel more creative, laugh more easily (including at myself) and most significantly, I pay a lot more attention.

Blogging has opened me up in so many ways I'm concerned what will close if I stop. The discipline now feels as critical to my mental health as playing guitar, exercising, journalling, meditating, reading. The blues haven't disappeared but if I wait until I'm out of the wallowing phase before writing, they're good blog fodder. And those post-wallowing posts usually help any remaining blues dissipate a little quicker. What technique or discipline have you most recently discovered to lift you when you're low?

Too early to declare complete victory but not too early to be grateful. I knew as early as my June 27 2011 post (below) blogging was good for me. Didn't know that early on just how good. Thanks to every one of you who has hung in there with me, through moping posts and otherwise.



  1. The most effective way for me to pick myself up out of the blues is to do something for someone else. Making extra dinner for the kids to deliver to a neighbor, hiding a surprise under the pillows of the children, even simply writing a note of appreciation to someone 'just because', all create in me an anticipation for the recipient's joy that tends to wash the blue feelings away. Perhaps for you it's that same feeling of anticipation that others will read and enjoy your work? Or is it simply the personal sharing that brings us out of ourselves, thereby dissipating any desire to wallow or self-deprecate? Either way, I think contact with others is involved and necessary...at least for me. d.

  2. d; Your comment helped catalyze my post today ("Messing With A Maxim") - truly. I'd been knocking around the Socrates quote for a while (ever since finishing a terrific book by Jane Smiley) and then your words and kindness above kicked me out of solipsism-land and back to reality. Thank you for that.