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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Spotty Signal - Awful Movie

Coming to you from Blue Mountain Lake, upstate New York. How long this Internet connection is going to last (and whether it will work at all tomorrow) is anyone's guess. So, having been frustrated when faced with similar situations over the past three years, this will be brief.

Didn't think it could get much worse than the music they play at my local theater. I agree to go there only when my wife assures me we will sit down just as a film starts and I can avoid being subjected to another execrable instrumental rendition of "Hey Jude"; no exaggeration - this is painful stuff.

But I would have gladly endured an hour of that musical torture in place of the film we last saw there. "The Other Woman", starring Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, is so bad I wonder how it got made. Don't waste your money, please. That's all folks.

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