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Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Magical Musical Mystery Tour

Having now developed and delivered several continuing ed courses on music, I've learned that approximately fifteen recordings is about the right number to have ready for each two hour block of instruction. And therein lies my current nearly immobilizing dilemma - My six hour Beatles course begins in early October; I have about a month to settle on which 45 Beatles recordings to use.

As with my previous course, I'd like your help. But this time there are so many requirements for what I'll include (leaving the paralyzing choice of what to exclude), one terse blog post will be wholly inadequate. I'll start with my first three non-negotiable requirements today and then continue over the next few weeks if the on or offline response warrants it. If the Beatles are not important to you, my condolences - you need read no further:

* Except for "This Boy" please suggest no songs with a "fadeout" ending using only repeated material.
* Lennon/McCartney or Harrison compositions only, please. Songs superbly covered by the Fab Four are excluded (separate course) and don't get me started on "Octopus Garden", OK?
* If you suggest a less-played Beatles song (e.g. "And Your Bird Can Sing", wherein the Beatles played guitar harmony before anyone knew what that was), please supply a rationale. Though it need not be a musical rationale, something more than "I love it" would be helpful.

Any near-future posts re this subject will be titled appropriately so those not interested in the Beatles can avoid them. Again, my condolences.


  1. Thanks for the shout out on the Mt. Rushmore series. I wish I were as discerning a movie buff as you so I could comment intelligently. Maybe later. I have to weigh in on this though. You must include ( in no particular order). Blackbird. Here,there and everywhere. While my guitar gently weeps. Norwegian wood. Have no real reasons but these songs speak to me. Maybe you can figure out why. Or maybe you don't really " know" me. Love you

    1. Amazing!! All four of those are included in my final playlist for the course. The next time we talk, I'll tell you why they all made the final cut. You (and your forehead!) are awesome!!!!