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Thursday, September 4, 2014

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How many unique business cards have you had over your whole working life? Between the years of full and part time self-employment and all my bands and other musical adventures, I've had over twenty. I've still got one of most of them stored with my journals; quirky, I know. How many of yours have you kept?

Recently, I concluded the time had arrived for my first post full time work card. It was fun and enlightening deciding how to re-invent myself this time around. How many descriptors would I use and in what order would they appear? Did all the descriptors necessarily have to be money-making endeavors? What would you put on a business card if you were re-inventing yourself?

I finally settled on "guitarist, educator, blogger". The order has little inherent logic, not even an alphabetical one. And so far in my post full time work life I've made more $$ teaching than performing, though I do spend more hours playing guitar. Still, despite the $$ and my formal training as an educator, guitarist just feels like it belongs first right now.

I also originally thought of using writer vs. blogger - who would know the difference, right? Anyway, since the initial run was able to be a modest one hundred cards, it will be easy and inexpensive to re-invent myself as a writer (or anything I want really) on subsequent printings - cool.

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