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Monday, September 8, 2014

Selling Milk Vs. Raising Children


Although my August 27 post above got just one public comment, the offline response has been exceptional. This same post also climbed into my "top 10" most popular (out of 900 published) faster than any other before it, without an assist from Facebook.

As I mulled over how people responded to that post, several questions occurred to me. A sample:
* In the grand scheme, which strikes you as more important - fishing or raising children?
* How critical is your hairdo to your mental health?
* If your local retailer did not have a license to sell milk, how likely would it be for you to stop patronizing the business?

Here in my beloved State, fishermen, beauticians and milk retailers all need licenses. Parents do not. Given the number of children damaged by ill-equipped or unprepared adults, does this seem like an assault on common sense to anyone else?

It will surprise no regular reader to know I've developed some baseline licensing requirements for parents. I suspect at least a few of you have ideas about this as well. You go first.


  1. Have watched Silence of the Lambs not more than 20 times

  2. Don't dress like Angus Young.

  3. To the two anonymous commenters thus far: Although my own licensing requirements for parents are a bit more earnest than either of yours, thanks for the pop-referenced laughs.