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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Look For The Guy With The Beard


This Sunday I hope you'll join me and about 100,000 friends in NYC for the first ever People's Climate March. All the details you need can be found at the link above. If you want to meet up, I'm the guy with the beard.

It's humbling to reflect on how infrequently in my life I've taken a stand or tried to get my voice heard about issues I claim are important to me. What prevented the teenage Pat from mustering the courage to march with King in Washington? If not for the concerts drawing attention to them, many of the dire humanitarian situations around the world would have likely slipped by while I was making a living and raising a family. Somehow, the American foreign policy misadventures that aroused my indignation were not upsetting enough to get me acting in a public way.

And if my wife weren't involved in this march, it's possible this event could have ended up being another item on my sorry list. I'm happy that will not be the case. What current issue moves you to act? If it's climate change, here's your opportunity to draw attention to it. Added bonuses: Weather is supposed to be wonderful; you'll be in NYC; your favorite blogger will be there - the guy with the beard.    


  1. Looked for you guys on news coverage of the event. Your post reminds me, that despite feeling moved by events and causes, my activism - actually showing up and lending my voice - has been less than I would like. Part is, life moves fast. But there has also been hesitancy to stick my neck out. What will the effect be on business (the account lost, etc.), or other concerns of the day? Cop out? Yeah. Hypocritical? Maybe. But life is also a tricky balancing act. Decisions are in the moment. There are times to be more vocal, and times that's not the top priority of the day. I'd like to believe that, overall, I stand up for my principles. Though sometimes more overtly than at other times.

    1. Hey Jim; Good to see your comment. I surely relate to a few of your dilemmas. i.e. life does move fast and is indeed a tricky balancing act. My experience with you has shown me you do "stand up" for your principles. Thanks for reading.