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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Book Club Report

Remember doing book reports in school? Did you enjoy doing them - like yours truly- or dread them? Or..something in between?

Being a serial book club surfer for the past four and one half years, I feel justified giving my first book club report. Please submit yours. A few suggested guidelines, which you can freely ignore:
* You've been in at least three book clubs
* You've attended at least two meetings for each of the three
* You finished the selected books

My blog; I get to go first -
"At today's meeting, the overwhelming majority of people present to discuss "The Brief Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao" (Junot Diaz -2007) either disliked or had significant difficulty with the book. Among the reasons cited: "...too much untranslated Spanish...", "...footnotes were distracting...", "...the violence, language and sex were too graphic..." The distinct minority opinion - shared by only the moderator and this reporter - was nonetheless respected. Moderator led the conversation competently, piggy-backing on the brief comments participants made at the opening of the meeting to help the discussion remain organic. Pontificating at the meeting was minimal as were generalizations and cultural stereotyping, with one notable exception. Bottom line: The club is a keeper". 


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