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Friday, September 5, 2014

The Bookworm And His World

It would be difficult to over-state how much the Great Courses offered via the Teaching Company have enriched my life. If you've never been exposed to the remarkable quality of this CD lecture series, visit their website today.

Because I'm in my car far less than when I worked full time, it takes me a lot longer to finish listening to a course these days - it's the only reason I miss driving as much. And though I could listen at home or on my I-pod while at the gym, there's always music competing for my attention in those circumstances. At present, I'm about 30% through "Classic American Literature" - 42 CDs, comprising 84 one hour lectures. Yesterday I missed my exit because the lecturer had me so riveted discussing Walt Whitman. What a bookworm's feast!

If any of you know this company's work and want to recommend a title to me, please don't. After finishing "Classic American Literature", I'll be starting "The Western Intellectual Tradition - Descartes Through Derrida" (18 CDs, 36 lectures) and then circling back to "Buddhism" (12 CDs, 24 lectures). By then it could be 2016 and I'll have forgotten what you recommended anyway. Besides, I already own several more my hungry ears are anxious to return to. What a world!

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