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Friday, September 12, 2014

#26: The Mt. Rushmore Series

Only serious film buffs need weigh in today and provide their four suggestions for this iteration of Mt. Rushmore. Which four side-by-side performances non award winning and non-romantic deserve to be enshrined? Mine are listed chronologically by release date of the movies.

1.) Tom Hulce & Ray Liotta in "Dominick & Eugene": Probably because "Rain Man" was out around the same time, had two bigger stars and shared a few key plot elements, this gem and acting tour-de-force didn't get much attention. Too bad - it's well worth seeing; Jamie Lee Curtis has also never been better.

2.) Al Pacino & Robert De Niro in "Heat": Though I've never been a big fan of cops and robbers, this film (which I just watched for the second time) is strong beginning to end. And the one brief diner scene shared by the main cop Vincent (Pacino) and the main robber Neil (DeNiro) ensures its spot on Mt. Rushmore.

3.) Laura Linney & Mark Ruffalo in "You Can Count On Me":  Not the first mention of this remarkable movie on my blog. No matter - I can't recall a better depiction of a sister and brother. (With a special shout out to my own sister based on her enthusiastic evangelism of the Mt. Rushmore series.)

4.) Cate Blanchett & Judi Dench in "Notes From A Scandal": A recent conversation with my wife about this tense psychological drama was the inspiration for this post. How did both these performances get overlooked?

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