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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Being Human

What is the likely outcome when your logic collides with your empathy?

Of my internal battles, this one bedevils me more than most. I believe I value both traits equally yet sometimes find them more mutually exclusive than my other perennial struggle - being in the moment vs. planning for the future. And when I'm stuck, the conflict between being logical while remaining empathic is frequently the main culprit. I'm reasonably certain I'm not alone on the bell curve here. Right?

In my case, it's possible the two traits work in opposition to each other because empathy seems to be a default; logic - not so much. So even though I value both, one comes naturally and the other requires conscious effort, similar to that future vs. present dynamic. Are these tendencies perhaps connected, i.e. do those of us who have to make a conscious effort to be in the moment - however contradictory that sounds - come more naturally to our empathy? I'm having trouble discerning a link there. Assistance for me? Also, which trait - logic or empathy - feels more natural for you?

Perhaps tension between the two is an unavoidable consequence of being human. Tough game, this human thing.

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