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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Four More Years?

Tomorrow marks the day in 2011 when I first began reflecting from the bell curve. Is it a birthday, anniversary or election cycle?

Regardless how I mark the day, it seems fitting to check in and get your feedback. Many suggestions I've received over the four years have been helpful. Of late, some regular readers have offered their ideas for new series; thanks to those folks. And to anyone who has commented on a specific post, a special thanks. Anonymous or not, online or off, your comments often lead me to new territory and invariably juice me.

Please continue to help me. Tell me what you'd like to see retained or dropped. Any feedback you offer about content, format, writing, design, anything, is welcome. I'm sincerely grateful to those who have hung in there through the years. Should you decide to discontinue reading, let me know why. Whatever your reason, you're likely not alone so you might be helping me avoid losing someone else.

Last: I'm very excited approaching my 1000th post. If you have any ideas how I can promote this milestone, I'm open to hearing them.  


  1. Congratulations! You have amazing consistency, creativity, and focus, and should be so proud of your accomplishment. The discipline involved in getting to 1000 blog posts is significant. I'm always impressed by people who make a plan and actually stick to it over the long term. Maybe this could be a new series - The how to of self help, or the "Opposite of Willpower" - everyone reads self help books and there are so many ideas that seem great at the time. But few people are able to put them in action and stick to them over time. How does one make these ideas stick...how do they become the new reality? How to make lasting change...is it just willpower?

  2. Pat, what a wonderful achievement! Keep up the great work. One of the things I've enjoyed most is the tremendous variety of subjects. Please keep that in mind as you make changes.

  3. Thanks to both of you for the encouragement.