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Monday, March 23, 2015

#31: The Mt. Rushmore Series

Today marks the inception of the "eat around the world" project announced here four years ago. To mark the anniversary, this iteration of Mt. Rushmore includes four items my wife and I have made for guests since beginning our project; each deserves enshrining. Which four ethnic foods would you put on your Mt. Rushmore?

1.) Dukkah - An Egyptian spice blend - beyond wonderful. We served it as an appetizer with pita bread but later put out a whole bowl so people could use it to dress up the other dishes from Egypt.

2.) Llapingachos - One of our discoveries doing this project has been how many cuisines feature some variation on ravioli. This one from Ecuador with cheese and potato filling has been my favorite to date.

3.) Cataplana de Marisco - Our culinary visits to Europe, at least the ones we've cooked, have been pretty dismal. But this seafood entree from Portugal (we left out the chourico sausage) was a notable exception.

4.) Bananas Foster Bread Pudding - What would a Mt. Rushmore of food be without dessert? We traveled to Trinidad/Tobago for this winner.

Following a party we're hosting next month, where we've asked folks to prepare something from a country we haven't yet sampled, our tally could get as high as seventy nations; look for an update in a month or so. In the meanwhile, go online and search out recipes for the above - tasty stuff, I promise.

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