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Friday, March 20, 2015

All Sports, All The Time

The average life expectancy of any single person depends on several variables. And different sources don't agree even when those variables are taken into account. Still, this latest desperate attempt to help my blog reach the vast sports market is predicated on my actuarial viability. Sports fans, get out your calculators. I am 65 meaning I've got approximately 12-15 years left. Am I...

* In the fourth quarter of the football game? If I exceed 80 years old, does that mean I've gone into overtime?

* Which golf hole am I approaching? How does that handicap thing work for me?

* What baseball inning is it for me? Bowling frame? If I get to a tiebreaker in tennis, what happens if the point spread never exceeds one? Do I get to keep going indefinitely?  

Apologies to curling fans; can't even formulate a reasonable metaphor to attract you as a reader.

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