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Friday, November 27, 2015

A Parent's Thanksgiving

For most of my life, my indiscriminate movie jones has been a benign - if geeky - hobby.

Still, I've recently re-considered the utility of all the film ephemera this hobby has provided me. Each time my actress daughter and I get into one of our frequent movie conversations, I'm increasingly grateful for the celluloid archive residing in my addled brain. Who could have predicted my lifelong movie geekhood would lead to yet another strong bond between she and I? Where in your life have you seen such a clear demonstration of the law of unintended consequences? 

Truth be told, when considering the way my three passions - music, film, and reading - align with my young adult daughter, every day is Thanksgiving for me. She has an exceptional singing voice - accompanying her is an indescribable thrill; she loves film as much as I - it's so much fun to dissect performances and the approach each of our favorite directors take; she's growing into a discerning reader - at present she is enjoying Celeste Ng's 2014 novel "Everything I Never Told You", a book that knocked me out. I've loved being a parent from day one; it just keeps getting better.  

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