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Monday, November 23, 2015

Key Learnings: Year 66

How often do you stop to consider the key things you've recently learned? This post marks the fifth time I've done so on my birthday. I'm very glad I started this back in 2011.

* This past year I learned how to use my memory to better serve my music. Instead of being so pre-occupied with what eludes me musically, I've learned to appreciate how my strong memory helps me grow.

* I added a new mantra to my meditation practice: Make it new. These simple words focus me remarkably well.

* A NY Times book review contributor named Leslie Jamison, describing herself as a writer said  "...it is an identity category I define by sustained commitment rather than publication..." Reading Jamison's statement raised the hairs on the back of my neck and provided me with a profound key learning. Though at times I've done other things to support myself and my family, my sustained commitment to music - and writing - have never wavered. So even when my livelihood was otherwise, being a musician - and a writer - has been my identity.

Birthdays aside, I'd enjoy hearing some of your recent key learnings.

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