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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The Ministry Of Silly Hats

What strategies do you use to avoid taking yourself too seriously?

Those of you on the bell curve more emotionally evolved than I may not be compelled to respond to this question. Still, somehow I doubt I'm unique in needing to periodically remind myself to get off my high horse. For several years my most reliable go-to strategy has involved the use of props, the sillier the better.

Clown noses, fake glasses/nose combos, and Groucho eyebrows are all pretty dependable. And ridiculous hats work wonders for me. Wearing a turkey hat while driving is a near-foolproof method for minimizing my mild tendency toward road aggression. Early today a man spotting my fowl headgear asked if he could " ... have a leg ... " When I told him I was a vegetarian and he was welcome to both, his laugh echoed across the bank parking lot. Gotta love that. What props have you used?

Props don't work for you? Fair enough, then what does?

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