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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Our Era Of First Fiddlers

Have second fiddles become obsolete?

If you think not, then tell me: Who strikes you as a present day analogue for Dr. Watson or Robin or Ed McMahon? I would submit Sherlock Holmes, Batman and Johnny Carson didn't look over their shoulders the way John Stewart likely did with Stephen Colbert around. I suppose one could argue John Oates fits the criteria for a present day sidekick/second fiddle. But Hall & Oates parted sometime ago and besides - his diminutive carriage and lack of charisma aside - John's name did appear alongside Daryl's and he also got some composing credits. In my mind that eliminates him from being lumped in with Tonto et al.   

In the bad old days, women sometimes were obliged to be Man-Friday-obsequious while their top banana male partner basked in the limelight. But again, from my perspective, 21st century power couples - at least the ubiquitous ones - pretty much share first fiddle. If you've got exceptions, bring them on, provided you keep the Watson/Holmes model (gender aside) in mind. I wonder: Have social media and viral fame made second fiddlers too quaint for our times?

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