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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Goal For Year 67


Since publicly declaring it here on the day before my 62nd birthday in 2011, I've steadily chipped away at the goal stated in the post above. Although that first goal turned out to be wildly unrealistic for a year, I am proud to say I'm currently up to 185 fully memorized tunes - only 115 to go.    


Now on the day before my 65th birthday one year ago, I wisely got much more modest than in years past. Having reached last year's goal - and the party was a huge success, thanks for asking - my four year batting average now stands at .333 (two goals reached out of six goals set) - Ted Williams territory. For those who said they would join me last November, please let me and others know how you did with your goal.

As a goal for year 67, something numerological seems appropriate. Watch 67% fewer movies? Drive the entire length of Route 66 and then walk a mile? Average 67 miles per week on my bicycle? Get the number of bell curve believers up to 67? Wait 67 days from today to announce the goal for year 67?          

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