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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Four Thousand Here I Come

Based on the number of posts I've published since March 2011, with an average of two or three questions or requests for input per, by now, four thousand or so pieces of data - answers, sarcastic rejoinders, something - could reasonably be expected to reside in the bell curve archives. And four thousand would represent just a single response to each of my questions or requests.  

Although I'm still a distance from four thousand - and in truth I suppose I never really expected answers or input every day - the bigger surprise for me is how few times anyone has claimed solidarity with a weirdness I've surfaced here. I don't mean a public comment or confession or anything even remotely Catholic. But an occasional offline comment, phone call, Pony express message along the lines of  "Hey Pat, I thought I was the only one that thought about ... " or maybe  "When you wrote about ... it was good to know I'm not alone in my weirdness ..." or something similar would be re-assuring from time-to-time. If this strikes anyone as needy, I blame cabin fever and no Sunday delivery of the NY Times.

Here's your chance to show how simpatico we bell curve denizens are. When you're alone driving and spot a license plate containing an accidental three or four letter word, what goes through your mind? In this instance, I will remain uncharacteristically enigmatic, not revealing my weirdness until receiving at least two public comments. Four thousand here I come.


  1. Take a name like Patrick Barton and ask me for its numerical alphabetical equivalent, and I can rattle off from memory 16-1-20-18-9-3-11 2-1-18-20-15-14 in about three seconds. This ability comes from past foul weather days similar to yesterday. My siblings and I played an indoor treasure hunt game when the weather kept us in. Here's how it worked: The mastermind (usually me) would hide a series of clues which would eventually lead to a concealed prize. There were many glitches because my brothers were so annoying, but we won't get into that. A clue might be written as 12-15-15-11. 21-14-4-5-18.16-1-21-12-19.2-5-4. The finder of that clue would replace it exactly as he had found it, and go on to the next location. As you might guess, our mother disliked this game. It had a habit of leaving the house with that "just ransacked" look.
    So why am I telling you this? Because I just laughed hysterically at "Of Oz The Wizard." It's a new version of "The Wizard Of Oz" edited so that every word of dialogue and its accompanying film frames are in alphabetical order. Every word from A to Z, thanks to Matt Bucy. What a riot!
    I will always be weirder than you, Pat. I just hide it better.

  2. License plates with an accidental 3 or 4-letter words are made by bored factory workers having a laugh.