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Friday, January 8, 2016

The Library Of Leftovers

Over the years, whenever we've had occasion to rent a place for a getaway, one thing that invariably gets my attention are books that people leave behind - what a geek, right?

Most recently, probably because my time on the slopes was so minimal, the book selection at the ski house we rented was even more carefully scrutinized. And with the leftover library from our time earlier in 2015 at the Virgin Islands Resource Center still fresh on my bookworm's brain - a library I'm embarrassed to say was organized by yours truly - I offer my wholly unscientific list of the top five authors people are inclined to leave behind. I welcome your equally unscientific list. Alphabetically...

1.) Barbara Taylor Bradford 
2.) Nelson DeMille (full disclosure - "Word Of Honor" is still on my shelves)
3.) Sue Grafton
4.) James Patterson
5.) Nora Roberts

Do you hold onto only the books you've enjoyed, as I do? Or, regardless whether you enjoyed it or not, do you hold onto most books you've read? Or, do you part with most or all of the books you finish? What is your theory of why the five authors above have appeared so frequently in the library of leftovers noticed by this book nerd?

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