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Monday, March 28, 2016

Condiments & Conversation

Mayonnaise, mustard, or ketchup? Thought about the connection between condiments and conversation lately?

Following a weekend jammed with extended interactions with family and others, I've been reflecting on several conversations I had or observed. When someone uses humor as a conversational gambit, which condiment springs to mind? Which condiment do you equate with the person skilled at asking good non-leading questions, the kind that keep a conversation vibrant? How about when someone drops in one of those topics we've all been taught to avoid? Salsa, relish, or hot sauce?

Which condiment goes best with what kind of story? When a jarring non sequitur is introduced into a conversation what condiment is suitable? When people talk at the same time or interrupt one another does it remind you of folks who combine their condiments? Which ones?

Barbecue, cocktail or tartar sauce, anyone? Which topic with which?                

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  1. Do you really want answers to these condiment questions? I suggest you put a lid on them.