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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Yearly Check-In

Tomorrow marks five full years I've been reflecting from the bell curve.

Since March 15 2011, I've written almost thirteen hundred posts, made some virtual friends, and both become re-acquainted with and learned new stuff about actual friends. I've also gotten good guidance, some great quotes and book/film/music recommendations, and a few off-the-curve comments. Mostly, it's been an educational journey and a foolproof way to ensure I'm fully present and paying attention, making steady progress on any goals announced here, and creating daily.

And this date has been set aside each year since 2012 for your suggestions and feedback. If the stats that Blogger provides are dependable, my views have steadily, if very incrementally, continued to increase since 2011. But I depend on your input to help me stay relevant. So please let me know, online or off, how to keep you interested for five more years.    

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