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Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Nourishment Of Shared Values


Although I did not know what would occur, I was pleased when asked to participate in a conversation about the transition currently taking place at Beyond Diversity Resource Center. I've known the two principals from this organization for many years and also done some work with them. Please visit their website when you have a moment.

Ever since the conversation, I've been reflecting on what each of the nine other participants said as our five hours together concluded. Two comments stand out:
* One of the other two men said he felt "nourished" looking into the eyes of a community of folks committed to anti-oppression work. Speaking to others while sitting in a circle is powerful and nourishing, isn't it?
* One of the women expressed joy knowing she was " ... not crazy ..." Solidarity with others who share your values has that salutary effect, doesn't it?

I was most pleased the group included a pregnant woman. The work must continue, right?    

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