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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hooray! I Can't Hear You Andrew

What evidence can you provide to support that statement?

What prevents moderators from asking that question during the political debates when a candidate makes a questionable assertion? Aren't you annoyed at some of the statements that go unchallenged during these farces? I am.

I did not know my parent's politics. But I do recall my Father's deep distrust of politicians. I'm guessing that distrust would have hardened had he lived long enough to hear the shrill discourse of the 2016 campaign. We all know this is nothing new. Andrew Jackson called the wife of John Quincy Adams a whore when the two faced off in the 1828 Presidential race. But the fact that this garbage has persisted for almost two hundred years doesn't make it any less demoralizing.

I've made it my mission to avoid longing for any good old days. But when Jackson crawled into the gutter there wasn't an inescapable TV in every conceivable public space broadcasting his potty mouth 24/7. Maybe, for this narrow instance, those were the good old days.

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  1. It's all about power.
    This man got it right, stating, "Politics is a big fat ego scene ... it's the art of words that mean nothing."