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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Eating The World For Five Years

Since the last update here (June, 2015) on our "Eat The World" project - five years old today - our pace has slowed a bit. I could blame residual indigestion from last April's feast when we sampled twenty countries in just four hours.

The truth is more prosaic; we haven't entertained as much. And since the remaining one hundred or so nations whose cuisines we haven't sampled don't have easily accessible restaurants, our continuing culinary adventures depend on us cooking. Until one of you volunteers as our ambassador/chef.

But we remain fully committed to the project. Austria is next in the home-cooked queue. After that, Europe is done except for a few obscure countries, some a clear challenge for a vegetarian. Then we've got a bunch of "Stans" to chew on (only Afghani and Uzbeki have been tasted), a little more of Asia, and all of interior Africa - except Burkina Faso - to sample. We're pretty well along in the Western Hemisphere; mostly some small island nations left to try.

As always, if you've stumbled onto a restaurant featuring a cuisine you think we might have missed, let me know via a comment here or offline.

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