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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Not Hiring But ...

I've referred to my reading posse at least a few times here. But in case you haven't been taking notes, that posse includes my wife, both my sisters, my oldest niece and the moderator of the first book club I ever joined. I rely solely on these five for book recommendations; they've rarely disappointed me.

Though I'm not looking currently to expand that posse, following a recent conversation with another smart English major, I decided going public with some minimal expectations would be prudent should future posse vacancies occur. Just saying.

* English majors, please. 
* A ready list of twenty recommendations - ten novels, ten non-fiction - will be helpful.
* Creative casting of future film adaptations for any book mentioned on this blog increases posse potential.    

All posse positions are unpaid, hours are unpredictable, there is no health plan. Benefits? To be covered following receipt of your first recommendation via a comment here.          

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