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Thursday, October 6, 2011

My First Chicken Or Egg Question

For you, which comes first more often, the tendency to judge yourself or to judge others?
Although I know the Zen tradition would say these tendencies are one and the same, I'm not evolved enough to fully get that. The whole judging thing has been a lifelong struggle for me - Buddhist monks are not easy to come by. I have met a few people who have assisted me with this struggle; I'm grateful for that. And I try to stay mindful using techniques I've picked up from books as well as what I've learned from helpful folks.

I have also wondered if some of us are simply hard-wired to judge more. I've largely resisted that notion because it would give me a neat rationalization; like most of us, I've already got plenty of those to help me excuse my bad behaviors. The numerous psychometric assessments I've taken that purport to measure tendencies or preferences or personality traits just muddy the waters more. Do I accept the results of those assessments at face value? Can a leopard change its spots? Etc.

So, I'm back to the chicken and egg: Which judging usually comes first for you? Or, are you a cyber-Buddhist that can help me add to my bag of tricks?        


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