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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Soundtrack For A Life

I just conceived a new music project. And being that this is the first music project of its kind I've kicked off since beginning this blog, I've decided to enlist your help.

If you had to choose 12-18 songs (i.e. the length of the average CD) for the soundtrack of a life, what would they be?  My first criteria, which doesn't have to be one of yours if you decide to do your own soundtrack, is to make sure I have an original song from each decade I've been around; I was born in 1949. I've already got some ideas for each of those eight decades but I'm very open to your suggestions.

Some additional criteria: I don't want to duplicate any one artist; I want a mixture of tempos, especially since I'm pre-disposed to ballads; for songs with lyrics, I'd prefer to transcend "love" as the central subject (Full disclosure: "There's No Easy Way",  a James Ingram ballad from 1985, is a tune already strongly in the running and it is a quintessential heartbreak/love song - but it fits my soundtrack). Last: No genre is ruled out - the more musical variety, the better.

Ready? Set? Go!    

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