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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Choosy Mr. Id

How is it Mr. Id can choose from well over 50 different varieties of cereal but there are only two viable political parties at his disposal? And don't tell him about having more than two choices when he gets in the ballot box. When was the last time someone other than a Democrat or a Republican was elected to a significant public office? Put another way, when did anyone last see a color aside from red or blue on those TV maps? Imagine if there were just Rice Krispies and Cherrios on grocery shelves - mayhem would ensue. The consuming public would revolt! What about the voting public?

Who represents us in Government is arguably among the most critical choices we get to make as citizens. But instead of several options, we're essentially stuck with an odious either/or. How can something so important be relegated to this antiquated bi-polar construct? 

Mr. Id has been chastised for "wasting" his vote in the past on someone who has no chance of winning - that would be someone not a donkey or elephant. Mr. Id pleads guilty by reason of sanity. In his further defense he offers the following: Red & blue are not alone on the spectrum; that ark had more than donkeys & elephants on it; Captain Crunch is still available at a store near you.  

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