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Friday, March 16, 2012

Love That Stew

As an undergraduate, one of my favorite psychology courses was called "Group Dynamics". Many years later getting my Masters, courses I took in organizational behavior (OB) covered similar fascinating terrain. Since retiring from full time work, my preferred place to watch the human stew cook is a book club meeting. I'm part of that stew.

One OB theory suggests our behavior in groups will often replicate the role we played in our family of origin. My behavior at many book club meetings? Textbook, as they say. And the more I learn about the family background of others in my clubs, the more support I see for this particular theory. I'm planning on testing some other OB theories going forward. For example, at my favorite club, I estimate about 20% of the members say almost nothing from meeting to meeting. I'm going to initiate some offline conversations with  these folks. Got to be some good stories there, don't you think? Of the estimated 20% who take up 75% of the air time meeting to meeting, I know plenty.

For the other 60% from that club who do about 25% of the talking? Going to leave that stew cook a little longer. Pretty sure it's going to taste good whenever I get around to sampling it.     



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