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Monday, March 26, 2012

Check In: 11/24/2029

Given my lifelong good health, current condition, and family history on my father's side, my odds for a long life are better than average. However, upon reaching age 80 here are a few modifications I'm planning:

1.) Return to the beer drinking levels of my 20's
2.) Pay no attention to the fat content in my diet
3.) Eat as much dessert as I please

If anyone remembers this 17+ years from now and observes me reneging on this reckless pledge, feel free to punish me in any way an 80 year old can be punished; good luck with that. Since I'm likely to have forgotten it myself, any chastising I receive will probably add some welcome excitement to my 9th decade.

How about you? What "healthy lifestyle choices" are you looking forward to abandoning after you've exceeded actuarial expectations? Come on, own up.      

1 comment:

  1. OK Pat, we will remember! I'd hope to reclaim some of the "just take things as they come" ease I had in the past.