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Friday, March 30, 2012

Not The Cleavers, But...

Although we've had our bumps, when I reflect on my relationship with my brother and two sisters, I feel pretty lucky. Somehow we've managed to avoid the most common pitfalls that can drive families apart. 

Based on recent stories friends have shared, I suspect coming from modest means has helped us more than hurt us. How many families have you heard of that disintegrated over money? Since we became adults, I believe it's also helped that none of us have lived together for more than a few months at a time. Until two years ago, each of us lived 45 minutes to an hour away from the other three; close, but not too close.

The thing that gives me the most pleasure? How we're all there for each other's kids. Last night my daughter and I began rehearsing songs we'll perform at her cousin/my niece's wedding in July. It's full circle - I sang and performed at my sister's wedding (mother of the July bride) 30 years ago August. Would be good to hear some nice family stories from any of you. Seems like lately I've been bombarded with the other kind.

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