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Monday, March 19, 2012

My Grade (So Far): Bravery

My dictionary cites courage, valor, & fearlessness as synonyms for bravery; quite a list - I'm glad I decided to write this post on a good day. Given those synonyms, you go first. How would you grade yourself on bravery at this point in your life?

So few of us are ever really tested on this attribute. And of those three synonyms, the one that gives me the most pause is fearlessness. I have met people who have acted fearlessly in some situations but I don't know a single person without some fear. Do you? This is a very high bar indeed. So, given the above synonyms, Pat gives Pat a "C" for bravery at this point in his life. For anyone keeping track, that's two C's so far for me (first was for ambition, in my 2/23 post). What's on your report card so far?

Lest anyone thinks I'm being falsely modest, upon request only, I will relate for anyone interested an instance where I believe I did act bravely. But I don't believe an occasional brave act entitles me to a higher grade than "C". The good news? As with ambition, there's time to improve my grade or yours.


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