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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Enough Pre/Se-quels & Re-Makes Already

Is anyone really looking forward to "Pirates of the Caribbean, Part 6: Jack Sparrow Is Senile"? With so many great books not yet adapted to film, is "Rocky Boxes Rambo", the best Hollywood can do?

I respectfully request your list of terrific authors who have been under-represented on film to date. I'll go first but only if you promise to join in. My criteria, which need not be yours, is choosing authors who have had very few films made from their substantial catalogue yet each is a fairly traditional storyteller.

1.) Barbara Kingsolver - Suggestion: Start with "Poisonwood Bible" - can't miss. "The Lacuna" or "The Bean Trees" are also a sure bet. Casting suggestions available upon request.
2.) Anne Tyler - How about "Saint Maybe"? "Ladder of Years"? "Digging To America"? Lots more where that came from.
3.) John Updike - Here are mysteries to ponder: How come a sequel-crazy Hollywood does not run with the 3 later Rabbit books? Why didn't they follow the witches of Eastwick after they became widows? I mean Cher, Michelle & Susan (not to mention Jack) are still with us. "Bech: A Film", anyone?

Yes, I have a longer list but it's your turn now. And as much as I like Elmore Leonard, John Irving & Philip Roth, their books (leaving aside the ubiquitous Stephen King) have had quite a run; it's time for our choices, right? I mean who really cares what happened in that galaxy far, far away even a longer time ago?

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