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Friday, March 23, 2012

12 Months:12 Countries

Of all the projects or goals I've posted about since starting to blog last March, our plan to sample the cuisines of all the countries in the world has gotten the most attention. That project is one year old today.

Since I posted the 6 month update (link below), my wife and I have picked up the pace a little. We've now hit 12 countries from four continents; Asia is leading with five of the 12; six if you count Turkey as being in Asia vs. Europe. To date, the undisputed leader for my wife has been our visit to Mexico (El Mezon in Freehold). For me, it's a tie between Mexico and our visit to Lebanon (Ilili in NYC on my birthday). Thanks to all for your recommendations and suggestions. Either Sri Lanka or Hungary is next in the queue.

As we get further along, we'll surely need your help with some harder-to-find cuisines. In the end, if we can't find a Liberian restaurant (for example), we're going online for a recipe. If any of you want to join us on our next culinary trip, post a comment, write an e-mail, give a ring, send a smoke signal; we'll make it happen.   


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  1. You haven't experienced anything until you've dined Tannu Tuva style