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Thursday, March 8, 2012

That Greener Grass

What job has ever crossed your mind as one you think you might enjoy doing? What about it appeals to you? Since few jobs are without drawbacks, what might those be?

Probably because of my love of reading, I've sometimes fantasized about being responsible for writing the short descriptions on book jackets. Think how many good books I'd get to read! On the other hand, if I didn't like a book, I'm getting paid to write something that will entice others to read it.  

Also thought being a radio disk jockey would be a blast. Listening to and talking about music all the time - whoa! But unless I could choose all the music, all the time, we're back to the same issue as with books.  Even worse, suppose a station I worked at switched formats to one of those tight playlists? I'm already tired of many great songs because of serious over-exposure; if it were my job to play those songs...

OK, I also imagined myself writing movie reviews. But you get the idea now. How about that fantasy job of yours? Is your own grass maybe looking a little greener now?  


  1. My freshman roommate (from NYC) wanted to be a conductor on the Long Island railroad. His summer job was as an elevator operator - remember those? My dream job would be to be a versatile studio musician. Or a stage actor.

  2. Thanks again for your comments, Jim. Stage actor, huh? No there's a side of you I was unaware of.

  3. Couldn't you still try for some of these things? Especially book covers...

    1. I suppose I could but this wasn't so much a wistful "I wish I had" post than it was, "the grass is always greener" reflection. Besides I always enjoyed my work. But thanks for reading & commenting.

  4. Years ago when I was working in a particularly stressful job,a co-worker and I used to fantasize about being mail carriers. You would get great exercise, be outside all day, meet everyone in the neighborhood, and the only stress would be the Christmas catalog season and unfriendly dogs.