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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Shirley On The Bell Curve

I'm 8 films into the project I asked for help with in my January 24 post; thanks for your suggestions.

Following a conversation with a good friend about the somber nature of the questions sometimes posed in my blog, and with the voice of my mother ("Patrick, you are too serious!") echoing in my head, I just realized something. Of the films I've thusfar recommended to my daughter, only one has been a comedy ("My Cousin Vinny"). I hear both my friend and my mother saying - lighten up, Pat.

Admittedly, excellent comedic acting (the goal of the project being great acting) is not as easy to come by. The history of the Academy Awards is itself very spotty recognizing comedies. But surely ("My name is not Shirley"), I can do better than one out of 8. And although I've made numerous attempts at humor in this blog, surely (uh-oh), I can do better here as well. You let me know, OK Shirley?

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