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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Time For A Trade

Of the factors that occasionally block my creativity, needing the approval of others is the one that bugs me the most.

I frequently reflect on how liberating it would be to not care at all about what others think of what I create. When I hear a musician ignore conventional harmonic guidelines, like Andy Summers does in his guitar solo on the Police song "Driven To Tears", I'm exhilarated by his bravery and demoralized by my own musical timidity. On more than one occasion, I have agonized about something I create for a blog. Often, I'll skip posting that day rather than risking disapproval.

If my wife reads this post, she will no doubt think a phantom has taken over today. Over our 34 years together, she has many times commented on how little I care what others think. And when it comes to my general appearance (grooming, clothes, etc.) and my lack of tact, her assessment is largely accurate. Perhaps it's time for a trade - i.e. begin seeking approval in those domains (saving my wife some embarrassment in the bargain) and shed my need  for approval in the creative arena.    


  1. Pat, I think that in the creative arena you must be yourself and let the chips fall where they may.The minute anyone tries to act,play or write for someone else's approval their output is no longer a true reflection of their creativity.It's what people expect and therefore loses it's impact -it's what everyone else is used to. The reverse is also true.If one does something to be different and it's not a true reflection of themselves, it will never be a sincere reflection of who they really are.I think a lack of sincerity will show through.Bottom line-we should all be ourselves in all arenas. It's what makes us all so unique.


  2. Peter; I strive to do as you suggest but if I'm honest with myself I must own up to occasionally seeking others approval with my creative efforts. I'm a work in progress. Appreciate you reading my blog and your always thoughtful comments.