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Friday, July 13, 2012

Nominations For The Word Graveyard

I concede my generation as teenagers and young adults had its share of boneheaded expressions. For example, I'm glad "groovy" and "right on" ended in the word graveyard as the 60's concluded. If it weren't for the occasional rerun of "Woodstock" on TV or hearing Marvin Gaye's "What's Going On" on classic rock stations, no one aside from residents of Key West ever hears these things anymore. Good riddance.

So I'd like to propose an even trade; two for two. How about we agree to bury "awesome" and "whatever"? But I don't want to wait for the decade to end. Tomorrow is not too soon. Really.

I know this sounds cranky. So I'll settle for a two to one trade to sweeten the pot. Keep "awesome" and "whatever", OK? But can we please revert back to the day when the word "like" was used fewer than ten times per sentence? I'd like that. How about you? Your nominations for the word graveyard?  


  1. I'll try to bury "awesome" if we can also submerge "deep dive" and blow up "view from 20,000 feet".

  2. "Iconic" is one. Diane Rehm mentioned it the other day ("Everything cannot be an icon"), and she is right. Also, many things are not "amazing". Finally, the word "So...", used to start off answering a question, may soon become a candidate, although at this point I still like it.
    PS - not to worry Pat, some of us chime in and participate when it comes the really difficult subjects, like this one.

  3. Oh, how could I forget, I never do business with someone who uses that stupid metaphor about playing in the same sandbox! Bury that one!!

  4. Kim & Jim; Some amazing and iconic candidates suggested by you two from 20,000 feet. But I don't want to do a deep dive in either one of your sandboxes - your names rhyme - like, awesome or whatever.