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Monday, July 9, 2012

Browner Grass?


In my March post above, I fantasized about jobs I thought I might have enjoyed. Recently, I was reflecting on the flip side, i.e. jobs that strike me as thankless. In ascending order of unpleasantness for me:

* Can't imagine enjoying being the person responsible for the HVAC system in a building. No matter how happy some folks are with the heat or air conditioning, there would always be someone very unhappy.

* Being a divorce attorney has to be a drag, don't you think?

* Notwithstanding the Tom Hanks character in "The Green Mile" or the guilt of the people I'm responsible for, I think I'd have difficulty not getting depressed being a prison guard on death row.

What about you? Which jobs make you shudder?

1 comment:

  1. Working in a slaughter house a la Fast Food Nation. For that matter, working in any type of meat handling job. No double entendre intended, although most jobs involving that would also be distasteful, e.g., urologist.