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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Supporting Important Work


Since stopping full time work over two years ago, I've done a limited amount of adult education; I miss it. However, I'm pleased to have recently renewed a friendship and professional relationship with someone I met over 20 years ago while doing a great deal of work in the field of diversity. His website is above.

Who in your life helps you look at the human tendency toward bias? The work my friend does is aimed squarely at that tendency we all share. In a conversation preparing for a workshop next week, I discovered, yet again, how easy it is to believe stories I've created. And those stories then become a way I can filter out any information that doesn't fit. Psychologists call this "confirmation bias". I first heard the term in 1991; I'm still learning how it interferes with clear thinking 21 years later.

In 18 months of blogging, this is only the second time I've embedded a website into a post. I hope someone looks at the site and then considers supporting this worthwhile organization in some way, even if it's just taking a class. It is important work; I'm proud to be a very small part of it.    

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  1. My mommy helped me.
    Carrots with peas
    Blueberries with strawberries
    Macaroni with cheese
    Bananas with sour cream
    Polka dots with pin stripes
    I'm all for diversity
    Unitas et diversitas...