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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Entrepreneurial Instinct

Who do you know that has what you'd call a strong entrepreneurial instinct? How has that person used that instinct successfully? Do you think of yourself as such a person?

During my years of self-employment, it's likely I'd have claimed to have this instinct. But close observation of my wife's way of looking at opportunity over the last 20 years makes me realize this is not so. Her mind consistently turns over new ways to make something from nothing. Her creativity comes alive via her entrepreneurial instinct. I was self-employed; she is an entrepreneur - big difference.

More evidence? I have a fairly low tolerance for risk and a conservative approach vis-a-vis money. Her longevity as an entrepreneur is directly linked to an ability to take risks and a willingness to spend money to make money. I was wise deciding early on to stay far away from her books and avoid offering unsolicited business advice. Her mistakes were her own. Anything I'd have offered would not have come from any entrepreneurial instinct.        

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