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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

#1: The Mt. Rushmore Series

As someone who compiled an obnoxious number of lists long before Letterman's "Top 10" became popular, I feel justified initiating the Mt. Rushmore series via my blog. Anyway, identifying four of anything you feel strongly about is more manageable than ten, right?

Where to start? This post was inspired by my oldest niece's husband saying walnuts wouldn't make his "top five" in a favorite nuts category but I'm starting bigger than that. I'll work my way back to four favorite nuts later. #1 in the Mt. Rushmore Series?  Identify four of the best moments of your life, in no particular order.

1.) Playing drums with my high school band at the 1966 World's Fair in Flushing, NY.
2.) Meeting my wife in April, 1978.
3.) The birth of my daughter on January 19, 1989.
4.) Receiving my Master's Degree in August, 1998.

If, unlike me, you have more than one child, list them separately or bunch them into one item if you need to. Or, expand your list beyond four but if you do, suggest a new name for your mountain, OK?


  1. (1) man walking on the moon, got to stay up late
    (2) first Taco Bell experience
    (3) putting dry ice and dish washing liquid in the toilet and watching fog bubbles overflow the rim
    (4) visit Will Rogers Museum

  2. Of course meeting my husband and the birth of my daughter are two at the top of the list...but in addition:
    3)my one day alone in Paris via Chunnel
    4)watching my daughter in This is Our Youth and Urinetown
    5)the day I left corporate life
    6)camping in Canyon de Chelly with Aleta, Ali, and Pat
    7)tending to my uncle's horse Fancy Dan when I was 9 or 10 and fantasizing it was mine
    and many, many more....

  3. 1. The birth of my daughters (I felt like I could walk on water!)
    2. A certain moonlit night in Ocean Grove (with the husband of course!)
    3. Any time my grandchildren say "Grandma"
    4. Classroom moments when the lightbulbs burst blindingly and my students got it!

  4. Kim needs a new mountain name; she has more than four items! Anonymous - Very cute. Eileen - #4 is a moment good teachers get way too infrequently but clearly could have made my list too. Thanks to all for commenting.