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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

We Miss You, Tarzan


Memorize these three names. Close your eyes. Hear a man caterwauling the first. Pause. Hear the second  delivered in a similar fashion. Pause. Now the third.

If you are a film dork like me, even odds the voices you heard were Marlon Brando, Dustin Hoffman and Sylvester Stallone. I've seen way too many movies since Stallone shrieked "ADRIENNE!!" at the end of "Rocky". But I can't come come up with a cinematic equivalent from the 80's, 90's or 00's to match the animalism these three men summoned screeching a mate's name in '51, '67 and '76. That's your job.

Just two requirements for any celluloid primal scream you care to offer from the three later decades:
1.) It has to be just a name. No sentences, no phrases. Repeating of said name is acceptable.
2.) The sound of that name coming from the actor or actress must make your blood race.

Where is Tarzan when we need him?   


  1. It's not a name but the seen in Braveheart where Mel Gibson shrieks "FREEDOM" certainly gets your blood racing!

    1. Chris; That's a very good one! So...I will forgive you ignoring part of my first guideline. Hey wait a minute. Isn't there at least one boneheaded celebrity who came up in the 60's who named their child "Freedom"? I bet there is. in which case you get a pass.