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Thursday, July 5, 2012

A New Gateway

Foremost of the things I'm enjoying since ceasing full time work is how little time I spend in my car. I realized earlier, after a late walk to the beach, more than five days have gone by since I last drove. Even better? This is not uncommon.

And since a lot of my creative churning used to occur as I drove to/from work, my walking has helped ensure that churn continues. Where or when does your most productive thinking occur? What methods do you use to capture your ideas? I've heard people say things like doing laundry or vacuuming are their gateway. Though I occasionally get a flash while mowing, I struggle to find my way in while doing household chores.

But the quiet and rhythm of walking opens me up like driving used to. An added bonus: My new gateway is a simple, healthy pleasure.


  1. My most productive thinking occurs during my morning exercise. Usually during my hour of cardio (running or elliptical), but sometimes while I'm lifting weights. It's a good start to my day in more ways than one!

  2. Thanks for commenting Marisa. Exercise is a great gateway to productive and/or creative thinking. Although my walks are usually not aerobic like running or an elliptical, I guess the buzz both of us are getting shares some elements.