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Friday, July 20, 2012

My Grade (So Far): Generosity

Generosity: Readiness or liberality in giving. Freedom from meanness or smallness in character.

Doing the introspection needed to grade myself on the attributes in this series has been valuable; it's  reminded me of work to be done. For example, considering both parts of the definition above, I can only give myself a "C-" (so far) for generosity. And I've decided this attribute, unlike ambition or charm, needs my immediate attention. How about you? How do you grade yourself (so far) on generosity?

I have two models for the first part of the definition - my wife and my older sister. You? Who do you know who readily or liberally gives to others? Models for the second part, an even bigger challenge for me, are harder to come by. I know many people not mean or small as often as I, but don't know I've ever met anyone "free" of meanness or smallness. Who would you use as a model for that very high standard? Or, are you that person? 

For anyone paying close attention, I skipped the letter "F" in this series. The last attribute I graded, about a month ago, was enthusiasm. Reason for the skip? Flexibility and forgiveness were subjects for posts in April & June last year, before this series started. At present, those are the only "F" attributes that strike me as worth exploring.        

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