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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Economics Of Happiness

A few months ago I saw a documentary called "The Economics of Happiness". It's been a while since a film has lingered with me this long.

Though the movie covered a lot of territory, the persuasive case made for patronizing locally owned business resonated most strongly for me. Fortunately, the nearby town center makes doing this easier now than it was where I last lived. Except for the drugstore and a new Dunkin Donuts, which I've avoided, there are no chain stores. And though I've never been much of a mall devotee, the chips now are stacked heavily against me becoming one - I can walk to the places that satisfy most of my shopping needs. So "The Economics of Happiness"  has been a catalyst of sorts, helping solidify two commitments I'd previously made to myself:  Using my car as little as possible and shopping locally. Unlike years past, I'm feeling good about shopping for the holidays.

When was the last time the advocacy in a film had a noticeable effect on you?   


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